Blogger: Facebook Photos Are Being Stolen And Site “Couldn’t Care Less”

Internet security comcept. Earth and lock.Lifestyle blogger Rosie Thomas is used to having her name and image stolen by strangers on Facebook. That’s why she wasn’t surprised this week when she discovered a page that spammed plastic surgery promotions was using her name and pictures from her profile.

Thomas says that her identity has been used before without her consent for pro-life-supporting websites, extreme Christians claiming that the world is ending soon and shady spam pages. However, she says that she’s had a hard time reaching an actual human being when she contacts Facebook to remove them. Overall, she is frustrated by her inability to make the site listen to her.

“With all the billions of dollars at Facebook you would think that they could hire a real person to look over these sort of complaints. They couldn’t care less,” she said. “Online grooming and identity theft is a huge issue, and I don’t see how such a big company with such a young user base can ignore the issue.”

Of course, there are stricter privacy settings that any individual can implement to lock down their photos and content. You can limit the audience that sees your profile, or upload small-sized photos to the site that would be useless if stolen. However, that kind of precaution is impossible for someone in the public eye like Thomas.

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