Facebook Challenges U.S. Government Over Data Searches

Facebook privacy issuesThere’s no doubt that Facebook loves to hoard user data – but the social media giant just stepped up to protect our information in a big way. According to court documents, the site recently challenged a court order that would prevent it from notifying users if the U.S. government requested their private account information.

The search warrants seek information from three accounts over the span of three months, but Facebook has thus far not complied with the request, citing “important First Amendment concerns” with the case. The site’s primary goal is to notify the users in question and give them a chance to respond.

“Because Facebook believed that neither the government’s investigation nor its interest in Facebook user information was secret, Facebook moved to vacate the NDO so that it could provide its users with notice of the Warrants and an opportunity to object to them before Facebook produced responsive records to the government,” the site wrote.

Facebook’s case has garnered widespread support in the tech industry, including from Apple and Microsoft. The company even scored the approval of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital advocacy group often critical of Facebook. Let’s hope this positive public reception encourages Facebook to keep up the good fight for our privacy.

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