Facebook Is Working To Stop Explicit Photos Before They’re Even Posted

Original Round Blue Facebook Web IconFacebook is often criticized for not responding quickly enough to requests to remove explicit, violent or otherwise offensive content. Indeed, the site often lets posts like this remain visible for hours before taking action. However, the social media giant vowed this week to create a tool that will stop users from sharing intimate photos before they’re even posted.

The futuristic feature was revealed by Antigone Davis, Facebook’s global head of safety, at a congressional briefing regarding how to end sexual violence. It’s unclear how this technology would work, but Davis said the site is working on a tool to “stop the sharing of those images before that initial share” and that it hopes to have a solution in the next several months.

Members of this bipartisan congressional task force have also sponsored legislation called the Intimate Privacy Protection Act to help ensure victims of “revenge porn” get the justice they deserve.

“Nonconsensual pornography and online violence and harassment continues to grow and destroy lives,” Rep. Jackie Speier said. “This is a vile form of sexual abuse and survivors are often left with no, or inadequate legal recourse. Although 35 states have adopted laws on nonconsensual pornography, this patchwork… varies in effectiveness.”

It’s crazy to think that Facebook could stop a post before it’s even shared, but in this case, that sort of vigilance is well worth it.

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