Rev. Jesse Jackson, Chicago Officials Call On Facebook To Temporarily Drop Facebook Live

livestreamWhen Facebook introduced its live streaming video tool Facebook Live, it never could’ve predicted the technology would become one of the biggest hot-button issues in the country. However, with a recent spate of terrible violence being broadcast on the platform, that is exactly the case. The Rev. Jesse Jackson and several prominent Chicago figures have even called on the social media giant to place the tool on a 30-day moratorium.

Jackson, Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin and Father Michael Pfleger stood in front of Facebook’s Chicago offices late last week and demanded a meeting. They are asking the site to suspend Facebook Live for 30 days so Facebook can reassess what to do about violent content.

“The moratorium is… an opportunity for tech companies, elected officials, law enforcement, community based organizations and civil rights advocates and others,” Jackson said.

In addition to the temporary suspension, the three leaders have also proposed a new feature that could be added to the platform.

“We have asked [Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg] to put an emergency button, a 911-type button to get videos to the front of the line to make sure they don’t stay up for several hours,” Boykin said.

It will be interesting to see if other leaders join this call to action against Facebook Live. If the public pressure persists, Facebook may need to do something about it.

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