Celebrity Sex Tape Spam Invades Facebook

A new, massive wave of celebrity sex tape spam has gone viral on Facebook. Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Rihanna are the latest celeb bait for these scams:

[V1DEO] Just1n B1eber and Selena G0mez STOLEN S3X TAPE

[VIDEO] RIHANNA S3X Tape w1th his boyfriend

Another big clue you are dealing with a scam, is the horrible grammar mistakes.

You aren’t going to see a sex video by following the these links. The only thing you will do is embarrass yourself and spam these very same messages all across Facebook!

Typically, scammers use rogue Facebook applications to spread the spam far and wide on Facebook; however this new wave uses another sneaky trick. Users are asked to copy and paste a ‘secret code’ directly into their web browser. This ‘verification code’ that’s generated is nothing more than a way for the scammers to hijack the person’s account and send spam messages to their friends and Facebook pages they have liked.


Never copy and paste code into your browser like this. In doing so, you bypass security protocols built into the web browser. You become an unknowing accomplice for scammers, and your Facebook account and computer system could be at risk.

Another unusual twist of this scam is the messages are being posted as comments and not necessarily as wall posts, status updates, messages, etc. If a victim isn’t paying close attention, then they might not even be aware of the spam they are disseminating.

If you or someone you know has fallen for this scheme, then it’s important to change your Facebook password immediately. You should also warn your friends about the issue and let them know not to click any of the spam links. Do your best to track down and remove any of the comments posted by your account.

Think twice before clicking anything on Facebook. You don’t want to be embarrassed by spreading salacious, pornographic images to your friends and family!

For more information about this new round of scams, check out the following links:



We’d also like to thank Mr. Black Knight with The Bulldog Estate for his research and for bringing this scam to light.

Be sure to check out our Top Ten Facebook Scams to Avoid. This will help you and your friends get up to speed on what to lookout for on Facebook. Always remember to be careful what you click!

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