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Cyberbullying is defined differently by different organizations all around the world. The US National Crime Prevention council for example defines it as the use of cell phones, the Internet, or other devices in sending or posting text messages or images intended to embarrass or hurt a person., an organization focused on stopping cyberbullying among children and teens, on the other hand, defines this as a situation that arises when a child, tween or teen is repeatedly tormented, embarrassed, harassed, tormented or otherwise targeted by another child or teen using email, text messaging, or any other type of digital technology.

No matter how the term cyberbullying is defined however, everyone concerned with this growing trend admits that it is a serious matter. In the USalone, there already have been several cases of suicide of children ages 12-17 attributed to cyberbullying. In all cases, these children chose to end their lives after months of harassment, physical abuse and cyberbullying from schoolmates. Moreover, in most of these cases, the parents didn’t even know the severity of the situation or has been told by authorities that the situation wasn’t that serious.

In fact, the issue of cyberbullying has been gaining more and more attention nationally and internationally. Some states in theU.S.has updated or created new laws to address this particular problem. Organizations, government agencies and corporations are also beginning to take part in helping stamp out cyberbullying.

We have created the following articles to help parents, teachers and students learn more about bullying and how to prevent this alarming trend:

What to do if you are being bullied

Signs your child is being bullied

Cyberbullying Statistics

External Resources

There are several organizations that provide information and resources for parents, educators and students. We have listed some of them below. If you know of an excellent resource and would like to see it added to our list, email us at


Cyberbullying Research Center

Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use

National Crime Prevention Council

Stop Bullying Now

Stop Cyberbullying


National PTA


Childnet International

A Thin Line

Finding Online Safety: Tips For Teens and Tweens

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