“Deflowered in Seconds” Facebook Page Shut Down

childprotectionTwo men from Castlegar, B.C. somehow found it apt to create a Facebook page entitled “Deflowered in Seconds”, whether they did it because they were simply sick or if they did it for the fame, maybe both, nobody knows. But one thing was for certain: what they wrote was very, very disturbing. The page was basically a how-to guide on seducing young girls and convincing them to lose their virginity. The police say that the guide targeted girls as young as 13. It was practically a how-to manual for pedophilia.

The guide was extremely detailed, containing information on which teens are likely to be convinced, how much liquor to give them, and even what sort of music to play. It even had information on what to do if ever the guy got caught by the teen’s parents in a compromising position.

It attracted quite a lot of attention from the community and word soon reached the city hall, where the city councilors decided to alert the police. The police approached the two men, both of whom were in their 20’s, and told them to take the site down – to which they complied. Unfortunately, the men can’t be tried for what they wrote since they made a disclaimer and were actually careful to keep the guide within legal bounds. However, this does not mean that they’ll be off the hook that easily.

Police say that if anyone commits a crime based on what they wrote on “Deflowered in Seconds”, then they will be held criminally liable and the penalty will be the same as the offense itself. Unfortunately for them and for young teens out there, the guide has already been downloaded by some of the youths in the area and is still in circulation despite the fact that the two men removed it when police admonished them.

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