13 year old girl foils murder plot of gang leader

Feria-LeonA bizarre story from Charlotte, N.C. was broken last Friday. The sordid tale involves an unlikely trio of a 26-year-old Latino gang member and two 13-year-old school girls from Northridge Middle School.

According to authorities, Jorge Feria-Leon is a member of the violent street gang known as “Sur 13″, and his street name is “Nightmare.” Feria-Leon was at a party where the two teen girls were present. Drinking was involved and Feria-Leon was arrested. He blamed one of the 13-year-old girls for his arrest.

Feria-Leon, angry over his arrest, allegedly told the other girl about a gun he had hidden at his residence. He wanted her to kill the other 13-year-old girl he deemed to be the snitch.

Thankfully, rather than acting on his commands, the girl told a teacher what Feria-Leon had allegedly asked her to do. Authorities stated there was proof of the threat on Facebook. There was a post on the site that stated the friend needed to watch her back and expect the unexpected.

Feria-Leon is being detained on charges of statutory rape and contributing to the dellinquency of a minor. Although a bond was set, he is on an immigration detainer due to his status as an illegal alien. He has yet to be charged with the murder plot.

Due to Feria-Leon’s gang affiliations, authorities are concerned that he will retaliate against the teens.

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