28-year Old Man Arrested After Courting a 12-year Old on Facebook

Facebook is turning into quite a haven for creepy pedophiles, what with the number of minors who have signed up on the site. In fact, just recently, Philadelphia police managed to arrest a 28-year old man who was actually courting a 12-year old on Facebook. He went so far as to arrange a “meet up” in an abandoned bunker in a thickly wooded park. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize what the man was planning to do in that bunker.

childprotectionFortunately, the police managed to intercept the encounter by finding out about the text message in which the meet up was formed. The girl’s mother reported the man’s unusual interest in her daughter and filed a complaint against one “Kevin Smith”, actually named Richard Whitehead. The first encounter between the two was when Whitehead sent a message to the young girl saying, “Hi wats up ur cute.” The girl replied, “Thanks I don’t know what you look like.” To which the man said, “Heres my number txt me and I’ll send u a pic” Then, the girl’s friend posted her cell phone number on the Facebook page, and Whitehead soon sent her a text message about the “meet up” and that was when the police decided to meet up with Whitehead in the girl’s stead.

The man has now been charged with attempted involuntary intercourse of a child, unlawful contact or communication with a minor, corruption of a minor, attempted statutory sexual assault, and attempted aggravated indecent assault. His bail is being held at $500,000 and he will be appearing before the district court judge on June 2.

Hopefully, this guy gets his just desserts – and hopefully, incidents such as this one will wake young Mark Zuckerberg up and show him that, no, minors do not belong in Facebook, not yet.

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