Alleged rapist sends Facebook confession

mario_perkinsMario Perkins, a 26-year-old from Cordova Tennessee is wanted for allegedly raping a 13 year-old-girl from Jackson.

Perkins and the teen were staying in the same house of a mutual friend. The youngster woke up early Saturday morning to Perkins fondling her. She moved to another room of the house; however, Perkins followed her, removed her clothing and raped her.

The victim’s mother had never met Perkins prior to the attack. The lady who owns the house where they were staying told WERG – Memphis, “I’ve never known him to do anything like that, he’s been around my daughter all his life.” She was present in the home when the attack occurred.

Perkins is currently at large, but he did send the victim’s mother a message to her mobile Facebook page stating the following:

“Please take them charges off of me. I didn’t know she was young. I was drunk. I’ll pay you to stop the charges.”

Authorities with the Jackson Police Department stated, “They’ll be used as evidence.”

Perkins has had several brushes with the law, including drug and robbery charges. In light of his current and past legal troubles, Perkins further stated in his Facebook confession, “I’m not a bad person.”

Click here to read more about the story and watch a video report of the incident.

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