Bank Robbery Suspect Caught Because of Facebook Selfie

bahler1The FBI apprehended an alleged Michigan bank robber this week because of a photo he posted to his Facebook page of himself posing with a sub machine gun that was brandished during a recent bank hold-up.

According to investigators, alleged bank robber 21-year-old Jules Bahler robbed three banks over an eight-day period, ending with a robbery in Pontiac, Michigan, last Wednesday. However, the alleged robber soon posted pictures of himself with “what appeared to be a sub machine gun and wearing clothes matching those used in the aforementioned bank robberies,” according to a police sergeant investigating the case.

Bahler also bragged about his newfound income in the picture’s caption, writing “Bought my first house And chopper today..lifes great.” One of Bahler’s friends even commented on the photo, warning him  “U tripping brotha I wouldn’t show that shit off like that cops be watching this shit brotha.” The police turned the evidence over to the FBI, who promptly arrested Bahler.

As law enforcement becomes more and more active on social media, criminals are quickly learning that discussing their crimes online can prove to be an easy downfall. However, even law-abiding citizens can learn a lesson from this boneheaded bragging: be thoughtful about what you post on Facebook, because you never know who might see it or how it might live on.