Burglars Brag About Robbery On Facebook Live, Get Arrested

facebook-general-2Facebook Live has been in the news lately for the shocking and violent crime that has been livestreamed on the platform. However, there’s an upside to the technology: sometimes criminals can use it to incriminate themselves.

An 18-year-old Florida man posted a Facebook Live video on May 27 with two of his friends, bragging how the trio had stolen a safe containing $500,000 worth of jewelry. Of course, the man who posted the video was promptly arrested, and in a later post on his page, he blamed Facebook itself for “snitchin’.”

The video was over seven minutes long and racked up more than 3,000 views. In it, the men flashed cash at the camera and bragged “we got a safe.”  To make matters even worse for the dumb crooks, they pawned the stolen jewelry and only got $1,300 each — despite the fact it was valued at $500,000.

“It was just one dumb decision after another,” one law enforcement official said.

It can feel a little invasive and creepy to know the cops are on the lookout for evidence online, but in cases like these, it’s just plain funny. If criminals are going to be this brazen (and stupid) when bragging about their crimes, of course the police are going to act on it.