Creep of the Week – July 5, 2010

Facebook’s presence in criminal proceedings was in the news once again this week, this time in relation to a high-profile Russian spy case. 28-year-old Anna Chapman (aka Anya Kuschenko), the daughter of a Russian diplomat, was recently charged with espionage, or “conspiring to act as an unregistered agent of a foreign government” for all you fancy-pants legal lovers out there.

This past week, somewhat racy photographs of the accused-spy leaked, apparently taken from her private Facebook page. Showing Chapman hobnobbing with high-profile business men in New York while wearing an assortment and short and tight dresses in the process, Chapman has quickly been dubbed a “femme fatal” and “the sexiest spy ever”. Chapman, currently awaiting trial, is said to be embarrassed by the photographs and fears deportation.

Check out the story, as well as a picture of the modern day Mata Hari (and yes, she’s hot) at


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