Creeps of the Week – April 12, 2010

Every week there are several stories in the news about outrageous, insane and sometimes sinister acts taking place on Facebook. This week was no exception.

One of the top stories of the week was about a son filing harassment charges against his own mother. This is in response to her hijacking his Facebook account and making slanderous posts about him. The full story can be read here:

Another high profile case this week involved the Las Vegas, Nevada. A city firefighter threatened, via Facebook, to shoot a Clark County Commissioner in the groin. The firefighter was upset over remarks made by the commissioner regarding firefighters doing charitable work during regular working hours. Read the full story here:

Students were also in the spotlight this week for callous and cruel acts. Two St. Louis University students resigned their posts in the Student Government Association after photos surfaced showing them with a noose and the caption “Only for use on white people.” Check out the story Other stories this week include students making death threats and setting up fake profile pages to harass a teacher.

One of the most disturbing stories this week involved the arrest of convicted sex offender Adrian Hill. He was arrested on warrants issued in October 2009 and March 2010. One of the charges was for failing to register his address as a sex offender. An investigation by the Michigan Messenger revealed Hill did little to conceal his identity or whereabouts. He had a Facebook profile in his own name and date of birth. The most disturbing part of all was his picture posted with a child sitting in his lap and the fact that he is involved in a Jackson daycare center. Read the full story here:

Cyber bullying continues to be a mainstay in the press each week. There is an update in the Phoebe Prince case of the defendants are pleading not guilty. Government officials, police departments and school administrators are frantically seeking answers in how to curtail this online epidemic.


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