Creeps of the Week – August 29, 2010

majorpervThe Facecrooks featured this week definitely took a turn for the worse when compared to last week’s scoundrels! The good news is that authorities have busted a global child pornography ring and have made several arrests – the bad news is that Facebook shut down many of the pages distributing the kiddie porn, but failed to pass that information along to the police. Check out our Weekly Roundup for more information on this story and other mainstream news stories.

Below is a listing of the top Facecrooks of the week taken from our Wall of Shame:

Stephanie Nutland is scared to go back to her flat after it has been trashed by Craig Hills, her former partner. Hills went to her home and smashed photos of Nutland and her two year old daughter, her television and other furniture. A trail of blood was left all over her flat. Read More

Worthing, West Sussex – Ian Green, 45 pleaded guilty to numerous charges relating to making, possessing and distributing child pornography. He admitted to sharing up to 100,000 images via Facebook. Read More

UK – Thomas Smith, 22, of Townend Pits Lane, sent over 100 threatening messages via Facebook and texts to his ex-partner. This occurred over a three month period.He told her that he would arrange someone to maim her face so no one would want her. He also sent a message to her stating that he was going to have her face removed, and she was going to suffer. Read More

DELMONT, PA – Travis Allen Davis was arrested last week while sleeping outside his ex-girlfriend’?s home. He had a gun and a box cutter with him.

Stockholm, Sweden – Two Swedish schoolgirls thought it would be a great idea to spy on the teacher’?s lounge during a grading conference.

These stories and more can be found on our Wall of Shame! If you have a story you would like share, then send it to us! Click Here

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