Creeps of the Week – May 3, 2010

Good Afternoon Facecrooks!

A NFL player was arrested this past week in Ocala, Florida. Clinton G. Hart, a safety with the St. Louis Rams, was charged with battery against his wife, Kelli Nicole Hart. The altercation stemmed from a message posted to his Facebook account. According to the arrest affidavit, Kelli Hart would not allow Clinton Hart inside her place of business, so he grabbed his wife and the struggle caused her pants to be torn and a small cut on her mouth. Kelli Hart told police that he did not hit her and she doesn’t know how she got the cut on her mouth. Clinton Hart told authorities that the argument was caused by an unknown female that had messaged him on Facebook. Read More

An enterprising ISU student made the list of facecrooks this week for running a counterfeit “study bucks” operation out of his dorm room. Christopher Michael Williams is facing misdemeanor charges of “simulating objects of antiquity or rarity” for making the fake certificates and using a Facebook group offering his services as a counterfeiter. The “study bucks” can be redeemed for snacks or used at silent auctions for gift cards, iPods and other merchandise. While executing the arrest, officers also found a Gatorade bottle filled with marijuana. Read More

A University of Illinois student had his cell phone robbed by a group of men. A few days later, he noticed a photo of a stranger posted to his Facebook wall. Apparently, he had his phone set to automatically upload images to his Facebook account. Justice was served Facebook style! Read More

Another somewhat comical story involved a student getting rejected from Harvard over a Facebook status update. Rumor has it that a student was banned from Harvard University by posting the following status update: “I just got my admittance letters into Yale, Duke, Northwestern, Penn, and Columbia. Now Harvard is begging my a– to go to their school. FULLY PAID SCHOLARSHIP. LOL. Hmmmm…. Ahahahaha naw kiss my a–. F— Harvard! I don’t need no harvard or no scholarship HAHA! No really though, I’m going to harvard guys. Wooooooo! =D.” There have been several articles written about employers and colleges checking social networking sites prior to hiring new employees and accepting potential students. Even if the story isn’t true, let it serve as a reminder to always think twice about what you post! Read More

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