Cross-dresser on Facebook Accused of Prostitution

sex_moneyA 30-year old male waiter in Dubai is currently in hot water for soliciting money for sex through Facebook. The accused is a Filipino cross-dresser who posted his nude pictures on Facebook, luring men into having sex with him for the price of Dh1,000.

His MO was revealed when he propositioned a police informant, offering sexual intercourse for money. The informant then tipped off the police about the activities of the said transvestite. Acting promptly, the police laid a trap for the accused, who easily fell for it. He met with the police’s decoy at the Gold City Hotel last January 7. The two then moved to the hotel room after the decoy paid Dh1,000. Of course, the waiter got the surprise of his life when the police came in to arrest him. More nude photos were found on the waiter’s cellphone as well as text messages that prove that he was prostituting himself for money.

The man was charged with prostitution, coercion to commit sin, promoting for sin through the internet, and crossdressing. He was tried at the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance and the verdict is expected to be released this April 24. The accused pleaded guilty to all charges.

According to the police, you would not be able to tell that the accused is not really a woman if you base it on his pictures on Facebook. The man admitted to having his breasts surgically enhanced in order to make them bigger. One can’t help but wonder how many guys were drawn in by the waiter’s scheme. Indeed, it’s not really farfetched to be victimized, especially if the photos are very misleading. In fact, the whole incident makes one wonder if all the women he has ogled on Facebook really are female. Who knows, you might just have seen this waiter once upon a time and thought that she – or rather, he – was hot.

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