Incriminating Facebook Photos Lead to Suspension

teens_partyingTeens often find the idea of drinking and smoking pretty cool – which is probably why they’ll never learn that it’s best to keep photos of them doing so off of Facebook. A group of teens were sanctioned and suspended last week after photos of them holding alcoholic beverages and smoking tobacco were found on Facebook. All eleven of them were Melrose High School athletes who were involved in having some not-so-clean fun despite the fact that doing so is clearly beyond not only the school’s rules but also the law. Underaged drinking and smoking, after all, is still pretty much frowned upon – and no amount of ‘coolness’ can change this. The students were then required to have a meeting with the athletic director and school resource officer along with their parents. They have been suspended for most of the athletic season, which means that they’ll be seeing little action this year as the school’s star athletes. Those team captains who were also seen in the photos were stripped of their positions.

To make matters even worse for the students, the school forwarded the pictures to the police department so that the authorities may identify where the underage drinking session took place. Under the law, the person owning or renting the said location shall be held liable. They can face a fine of up to $2,000, imprisonment of up to a year, or even both.

The school pretty much emphasized their position on the matter with their swift and strict actions. In fact, Superintendent Joseph Casey couldn’t have said it better when he said, “we understand that people make mistakes, but there are consequences.”

Indeed, people, there are consequences – so please, if you’re going to do something illegal, please, don’t take pictures, and for the love of God, do not post them on Facebook

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