Infamous Facebook Pedophile Ring's Fifth Female Member to Face Jail

childpedoringIt is disturbing to know that there are parents who could intentionally and maliciously hurt their own children, and it is just as alarming to find out that people like them make use of these social network sites to get together and continue to abuse children, even their very own children.

It was late this year that Tracy Dawber, a community care worker and considered to be the fifth and final member of a notorious pedophile gang in Facebook, faced court and was found guilty for molesting a five-month baby last September 2008. She was found out to have sexually molested a baby and allowed her boyfriend, Colin Blanchard, to take pictures of the hideous act. In court this year, the jury considered her guilty for the heinous act.

Dawber, who has two children, met Blanchard through an online dating site or through Facebook late in 2007 and had been in a relationship with him for about a year. However, their relationship ended in September 2008. But, through Facebook, they met other people with the same interest as theirs and formed a pedophile ring.

The group was started by Vanessa George who is also a mother of two and used to work in a nursery. She met Blanchard and became obsessed with him that, to please him, she began sending him indecent photos of children under her care. She then met Angela Allen through Facebook. Allen, a mother of one, used to work as a prostitute. The three of them began exchanging conversations through Facebook.

The fourth person that got into their pedophile ring was Tracy Lyons. Like the other females in the ring, she is a mother of nine and has also fallen under the spell of Blanchard.

If there is one thing in common with them, aside from the fact that they were all pedophiles, was Blanchard. Both George and Allen were given a minimum of seven years in prison, while the rest of the Facebook pedophile gang is still waiting for their sentences.

People should remove all doubts that the four women were coerced into doing what Blanchard wanted them to do with children because, if you look closely into it, they would not be sexually assaulting children if they do not want to do it. According to Detective Constable Andy Pilling, he believes that the women “willingly took part” in the heinous crime against children.

Image Credit: BBC News England


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