Internet Troll Jailed 18 Weeks for Abusive Messages and Taunting Death of Teens

There is such a thing as ‘too much’ – unfortunately, this is a line that’s commonly crossed when it comes to the Internet. Some people, commonly known as ‘trolls’, hide beneath a blanket of anonymity and behave in the worst possible way online, dedicating their time and effort to disrupting the peace. One such troll found his way onto the Facebook memorial sites of various teenagers and proceeded to wreak havoc by posting pictures and videos mocking their deaths – but unfortunately for him, his actions had severe consequences.

duffyThe troll, Sean Duffy, a 25 year old man from Britain, visited the memorial pages of teens and posted the horrendous videos. One of his victims was a 15-year old who died when she was hit by a passenger train in Worcestershire. Duffy posted comments such as ‘I fell asleep on the track lolz’ on her memorial page just a day after her death. Not content with just that, he went on to make a YouTube video entitled ‘Tasha the Tank Engine” where he superimposed the teen’s face on a train engine. He also victimized a teenage girl who committed suicide, a boy who was stabbed to death, and a girl who died in a car crash.

The family of one of his victims, 14-year old Lauren Drew who died of an epileptic seizure attack, eventually took him to court for his behavior. Duffy had posted a message on the girl’s memorial page on Mother’s Day saying, “Help me mummy, it’s hot in hell”. The girl’s family was caused undue distress. In fact, one of Lauren’s friends was mistakenly blamed for posting the comment and attempted a drug overdose because of it.

Duffy was sent to jail for 18 weeks due to his behavior and is now banned from using social networking sites for five years. He will also have to inform police whenever he buys a phone with internet capabilities. Duffy was revealed to have been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and is suffering from drinking problems.

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