Justin Carl Moose – The “Christian Osama Bin Laden”

The fish is, indeed, caught from its mouth, or, in this case, what he writes on Facebook. This is exactly what happened to Justin Carl Moose, a man who calls himself the “Christian Counterpart of Osama Bin Laden.” He also calls himself a radical extremist who believes that you can teach somebody a thing or two through violence.

Moose is known to be so against abortion, and when Planned Parenthood saw that he advocates extreme violence when it comes to the providers of abortion, they alerted the authorities of his actions. Upon investigation of his Facebook account, it was found out that he has been exchanging conversations with an informant about a planned abortion clinic bombing in North Carolina.

Moose is also against the new healthcare plan of President Barrack Obama as well as the erection of a mosque near the vicinity of New York’s Ground Zero. With these issues that he did not like, he believes that it can be solved with the use of high explosives.

As stated above, Planned Parenthood reported his actions to the FBI, and upon investigation, it surfaced that he indeed has some knowledge about making bombs. Armed with search warrants, the FBI was able to monitor and subsequently arrest Moose. Right now, he faces 20 years in jail and a fine of a quarter of a million dollars.

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