Palace Guard Sanctioned over Facebook Rant about Future Princess

royalguardOne British Soldier was sanctioned and removed from his post at the Royal Wedding on April 29 after he posted a rant about future princess, Kate Middleton, on his Facebook page. Cameron Reilly, who lists “super-strength lager” and “causing trouble” as his interests, is an 18-year guardsman who would have been on duty at the Royal Wedding had he not posted his rant. Now, he has not only earned the ire of his higher ups and possibly the royal family, he’s under investigation for his racist posts as well.

He wrote on his wall: “hur and william drove past me on Friday n all a got was a shitty wave while she looked the opposite way from me, stupid stuck up cow am a not good enough for them! Posh bitch am totally with u on this 1 who reely gives a f about hur.”

Backtrack a few hundred years and Reilly would have lost his head for such a slur. Lucky for him, he lives in the 20th century and monarchs are no longer nearly as bloodthirsty, nor have they retained the right to say ‘off with his head!’. But ‘off with his job’ could still be fair game, and that’s exactly what might happen to Reilly when all is said and done, especially since his Facebook page also featured some racist comments such as “is watching a massive jew gathering outside the window at the tower of London!! Av never seen so many rabbi’s in ma life” and also “a was gonae put a few rifles in ma bergan anaw but then a remember a couldn’t fit any in cause a had 2 many paki’s scalps in it already”.

Really, Reilly just dug a deep hole for himself there with his thoughtless Facebook comments, and now he just might be facing the consequences. He should have just kept his mouth shut (or his fingers off the keyboard).

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