Robbery Suspect Caught After Streaming His Own Getaway On Facebook Live

Fail Word Stop Sign Bad Poor Result Failure 3d IllustrationA lot of disturbing things have been broadcast on Facebook Live, and many users and experts have criticized the social media giant for being too lax on the content it allows. However, live videos of criminal acts can help police catch the bad guys faster — like when an alleged bike thief recently narrated his own getaway on Facebook Live.

This ridiculous situation started when Idaho police were called to a Walmart because a man was threatening a customer. He demanded money and flashed a holster, then left the Walmart on a stolen bike. While he pedaled away, he streamed himself on Facebook Live taunting the police.

“You [expletive] cops can’t catch me,” he said. “Like my new wheels, guys? Isn’t that a sweet bike? I’m still running from any cop I come across. Catch me if you can.”

Of course, they did catch him, and in a news release from the police department, the cops said his foolish live video played a role.

Facebook Live has caused seemingly endless problems for the site, as one horrific incident after another is streamed for all to see. But sometimes, the service does some good — and leads to genuinely funny cases like this one.