Students Arrested for Making Threats on Facebook

plymouth_north_high“Watch what you say on Facebook” should be a new rule that parents can pass along to their children along with the more general advices like “don’t accept candy from strangers” or “look both ways before you cross the road”. Four female students had just had their lives irrevocably changed when a conversation they had on Facebook led to an investigation by the police. The four girls were suspected of making threats on the school, threatening to launch an attack inspired by the Columbine incident.

School Superintendent Gary E. Maestas explained that the four girls were engaged in a back and forth discussion where they mentioned that they wanted to “cause a disruption in school similar to Columbine”.

The Columbine incident happened way back in April 1999 where two seniors shot 12 students and one teacher before they committed suicide. It was one of the most tragic school shootings in history and to have it named in a threat is, without a doubt, a very serious matter. It was understandable; therefore, that the authorities were immediately called in.

The exact wording of the conversation was not revealed, but Andrew Gallant, one of those who read the conversation said, “They were going to shoot all the girls. They were going to take their blood, take the blood after they shot them and rub them over their body and then have a slip and slide with it.”

The school administration of Plymouth North High School was immediately informed by parents and students. Authorities subsequently took the four girls into custody and did a security investigation. Other students were told to stay in their respective classrooms while the police did a search, but no firearms were found.

The police department has stressed that the four girls were not arrested but they would soon be facing charges as a consequence of the threat they posted on Facebook.

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