Suspect Caught Five Minutes After Taunting Police on Facebook

facebook_blackbg_logoLaw enforcement has stepped up its efforts in recent years to patrol social media and gather evidence on potential criminals. However, crooks don’t usually make it as easy for the cops as Rosenberg, Texas, criminal Rolando Lozano did, writing on a police department’s Facebook wall after they published his mug shot on their page asking the public for help in finding him.

Lozano and his brother were wanted for a series of 17 auto robberies in the area, and while his brother was captured easily, Lozano went into hiding. The police posted his mug shot on their Facebook page and asked for tips on his whereabouts. Lozano posted on the page a short time later, saying: “F*** all yall hoes, im innocent, catch me if u can muthasuckas.” The police apprehended Lozano at the home of a relative five minutes after he posted the taunt.

Though this case is admittedly entertaining, it also serves to show how seriously police forces across the nation now monitor Facebook and other social media. The site is increasingly being used as a law enforcement tool, and communications on the site can even be used as evidence in court. If criminals are dumb enough to keep posting about their exploits on their Facebook profiles (and police pages), cops will gladly take the gimme.