Totem Pole “Accident” Tied to Facebook Love Affair

totempoleLast 26 November 2010, the police got a call from one Carl Muggli informing them that his wife had died after an accident involving a Totem Pole. The totem pole that they were carving allegedly fell from its cradle and onto Linda Muggli, effectively crushing her to death. When they arrived at the scene, it turned out that Linda was still alive; blood was coming out of her mouth, but she was still breathing. She was rushed to the hospital but they could not save her, and it was there that she died. It was a tragic tale, and they had written the incident off as an accident.

However, new developments have caused the police to think of the incident in a new light. They now believe that Carl Muggli had murdered his wife in order to pursue a relationship with a woman whom he met on Facebook.

A tipster called the Sheriff’s Office, informing them about some Facebook entries between Carl Muggli and a woman from Alabama that were “very intimate in nature”. Sure enough, when the police reviewed Carl’s computer, they found several exchanges between him and the woman he affectionately called ‘Eveningstar’. They also found out that he was looking at various real estate properties in Texas where he planned to move after his wife’s death. The police were also able to speak with this ‘Eveningstar’, who told them that she had been on the phone with Muggli on the day of his wife’s death. She heard them arguing about a divorce, then he told her that he would just call back. Sure enough, when he called her back after thirty minutes, he was telling her that there had been an accident and medical personnel were trying to revive his wife.

To make matters even worse for Muggli, police had not been able to recreate the ‘accident’ he told them about, as they could not get the pole to fall off its cradle. Also, there were inconsistencies between what the Muggli told the wife’s family and what he told the police.

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