Brighton Woman Takes Legal Action to Expose Online Bullies

Anyone who has spent a considerable amount of time on the Internet might have come across someone overly rude or aggressive for no apparent reason. Most people would just laugh about it, or in some cases, simply ignore them, but one 45 year old woman, Nicola Brookes had just about enough.

Nicola Brookes, hailing from Brighton decided that it was just about time to act when she got fed up with one particularly nasty encounter on Facebook. It started when she wrote a message in support for a singer on the X Factor television show saying “Keep your chin up, Frankie, they’ll move onto someone else soon.” Her comment, later on, got the attention of online bullies or “trolls” and hundreds of abusive comments were posted under her message. It escalated into something a lot more personal as people accused Brookes of being a pedophile and stating that she should die. Later on, a fake account under her name with her picture was used to post inappropriate messages to young girls on the social media site.

Brookes reported the posts and the fake account to Facebook and to the police, but authorities have yet to act. Now, Brookes has hired lawyers to demand that Facebook provide identifying information of those who posted the offensive messages, as she is seeking private prosecution in the case.

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