Teen Mocks Sentence on Facebook

20111214-151712.jpg For some adults, teenagers may seem like beings from another planet. With their “trendy” fashion and rowdy behavior, it’s often hard for grownups to find something that they can relate with when it comes to teens, even if they had been teens themselves once. As such, it’s pretty difficult for adults – especially the elderly – to trust teenagers, and some teens aren’t doing a thing to help bridge the gap.

Ryan Girdlestone, an 18-year old boy from Manchester, recently pleaded guilty to affray and anti-social behavior. Girdlestone was part of a gang that assaulted Bernard O’Donnell, a 79-year old man, last Halloween by throwing a concrete slab at him. O’Donnell sustained a leg injury because of the attack. He had only gone outside to clean up the mess that Girdlestone and his gang made when they threw eggs at the windows of his house.

Girdlestone was not the one who threw the slab per se, and when he was brought to court, his lawyer said that he was “disgusted” by what had happened. He even claimed that the teen had been deeply regretful of what he did. As such, Girdlestone got off with only 4 months of community service, a curfew, and a restraining order. It was a relatively light sentence, especially if you consider that the victim probably won’t have an easy time waiting for his leg to heal at that age.

To make matters even worse, Girdlestone immediately posted a statement on his page saying “Just got out off court wiv a 4 mouths [six] tag hahaha d**ks!!”

The comment drew the attention of those involved in the case and several others. Clearly, Girldestone was mocking the law and his lawyer was lying about all the “deep regret” that he said his client had.

Local Labour MP Paul Goggins says that Girdlestone’s mockery of the court’s decision could be viewed as “sheer contempt of the court” and that he should be held accountable.

Sure enough, Girdlestone later released a statement saying that he was merely “happy and relieved” since he thought he was going to prison and that his statement didn’t mean that he wasn’t remorseful. But really, who’s going to believe him now?

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