“Anti-Facebook” Social Network Launches Creepy Facebook Ad Campaign

elloWhen the social network Ello launched last fall, it was widely touted as a privacy-centric alternative to Facebook. However, since then, the site has both lost some of its buzz and sought to distance itself from its “anti-Facebook” stance. But despite statements to the contrary, Ello still seems to embrace its position opposite Facebook. For instance, it launched an ad campaign this week—on Facebook—that mocks the site’s sometimes-creepy personalized advertising.

The campaign features tongue-in-cheek lines like “They told us you’re single in NYC,” with an image of eyes looking through window shades, “Photography is better without ads” and “Your followers should see your posts for free.” The campaign seeks to show users just how much information Facebook collects about them—and how the site uses that data in its advertising.

Ello says it plans on rolling out similar advertising on other platforms soon, including Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest. While the site says it wants to position itself as a hub of creativity instead of an anti-Facebook solution, its senior leader still made a point of calling out Facebook’s privacy issues.

“Facebook isn’t a competitor because unlike Ello, it isn’t really a social network at all,” said Ello CEO Paul Budnitz. “Facebook is first and foremost an advertising platform, which makes it the ideal place to point out serious privacy issues and other problems with these practices.”