“Friend Verifier” App Lets Users Scan Facebook Friends for Criminal Records

friend verifier appA Facebook app called Friend Verifier is celebrating its third anniversary this year and the release of Friend Verifier Version 2 with an initiative its calling #StaySafe2015. The app allows Facebook users to scan their entire list of Facebook friends for criminal records. It also lets users search for free for sex offenders in their friend lists, and it will even perform individual background checks for a fee.

“We must all do our due diligence when reconnecting with people from our past,” said Friend Verifier CEO Joe Penora. “I found out that a former high school teacher of mine and a fellow former student were both convicted for child pornography. Those are two people I knew and would have gladly accepted a friend request from prior to knowing their convictions. I urge people: Don’t take anything for granted. Make sure you use caution when inviting people into your social lives.”

The #StaySafe2015 campaign will run from March 30 to April 30, and will let users scan every one of their Facebook friends and friend requests for only $15.

With the amount of personal information out there on social media, it makes sense that a service would exist for curious people to dig deeply into the past of their Facebook friends.  The site does have a disclaimer stating that information is gathered from public records, so there could be errors. If you would like to have your personal information removed from the site, a link is provided. However, you can’t remove yourself from sex offender or criminal database results.

Image Credit: Friendverifier.com