AVG Creates PrivacyFix – An App to Control Your Facebook, Google & LinkedIn Privacy Settings

avg - privacy fixSecurity firm AVG has created a new software product, PrivacyFix, which utilizes Facebook’s Social Graph dataset to help keep families on the site protected. Social Graph is Facebook’s underlying database of information that they use to provide the Graph Search feature. AVG claims to be the first security company to take advantage of this data on behalf of user privacy.

PrivacyFix Family allows users to share their privacy settings with one another, even if they’re not friends. Parents are often concerned about their children’s settings, content and the possibility of over-sharing.  This tool could help parents ensure that no private information about the family or the child is disclosed, accidentally or otherwise. According to the company, Facebook users have become increasingly concerned with their privacy; Jim Brock, AVG’s VP of privacy products, said that 47 percent of people surveyed by AVG said they were more concerned about privacy this year than in years past thanks to several scandals.

“Privacy is higher in the public consciousness than ever before,” said Brock. “With 58 per cent of parents we spoke to advising that they felt uncomfortable about their children sharing personal information online, we’re giving parents and children the guidance they need to make better privacy decisions on Facebook together in an easy and quick manner.”

The PrivacyFix dashboard also allows users to control their Google+ and LinkedIn privacy settings, and the app blocks over 1,200 companies from tracking you on the web.

To learn more about AVG PrivacyFix and to download it for free, click here.