Afraid to Use Facebook at Work? converts your News Feed into an Excel Spreadsheet

How many times have you wished that you could use Facebook while at work? How many times has the watchful eye of the boss stopped you from indulging in that wish? Countless? Well, you’re certainly not the only one. Many companies have instituted policies banning the use of Facebook at work. There is now a new web application that users (and bosses) should be aware of. is a simple looking site, but it hides a little piece of treasure that slackers will just love to have. They have created a program that transforms Facebook into something that resembles an Excel Spreadsheet. As such, you’ll look as if you’re just working when you’re actually browsing through the social networking site and seeing what your friends are up to.


The clever software’s design is pretty ingenious. Usually, what you’d expect from a software like this is a static view of what’s currently on your wall. Not this one though. You can actually interact with this software the same way you would with your regular Facebook account. The formula bar can be used as the search bar, the updates arranged into neat columns that show who posted and what and to whom. If you want to know more, you can just hover your mouse over the link and you’ll see more data. Example, if you hover over ‘4 likes’ on a certain comment, a small box will appear showing which friends ‘liked’ the particular post or photo. Same goes if you hover over comments.

Of course, you can’t browse pictures or watch videos on the thing, but that’s to be expected because it would have defeated the whole point of the software if you could. The boss would find it incredibly fishy if you’ve got videos and pictures on your excel file entitled ‘Daily Cash Flow’. As a bonus, they’ve also included a ‘boss button’. You only have to press the spacebar if your boss is near and there’s a risk that he might peek over your shoulder. This transforms the contents of the spreadsheet into a bunch of numbers rather than its Facebook content.

All you’ll need to do in order to avail of this software is to go to their site and click ‘Gimme Dem Spreadsheets’. The software is completely free, completely easy to use, and completely unethical – don’t be surprised if you boss takes a little closer look the next time a spreadsheet is on your desktop!

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