Army Warning: ISIL Lone Wolf Offenders Encouraged to Search Social Media for Service Members’ Addresses

word " danger " on a red shieldThe Army Threat Integration Center has issued a warning to U.S. military personnel to watch what they post online and protect their identities. The militant Middle Eastern terrorist group, ISIS, has called on its supporters and lone wolf offenders to search the Yellow Pages, Facebook and Twitter for the addresses of military service members and their families.  

ISIS has a surprisingly sophisticated social media presence that it leverages to recruit new members around the world – including the United States. Though there is no independent intelligence confirming the group’s plan to target military members and their family on social media, the report cites a Tweet from a jihadist that told members to “show up [at their homes] and slaughter them.”

The warning advises service members to observe the following safeguards:

1. Limit who can view their social media profile
2. Avoid posting any government or military affiliation, daily schedules, contact information and to avoid all applications that geolocate their position.

“Given the continued rhetoric being issued by ISIL’s media services and supporters through various social media platforms the ARTIC is concerned of the possibility of an attack,” the military bulletin said. “Soldiers, Government Civilians and Family Members are reminded to be vigilant of their surroundings and report suspicious activities to their respective military or local law enforcement.”

Though this case is obviously extremely severe, all kinds of criminals can take advantage of what people post on Facebook. Thieves have targeted individuals who post on Facebook about their vacation getaways, for example. The lesson, as always: avoid posting your personal information on Facebook if you can help it, particularly if you think you may be at risk in any way for doing so.

If you or any of your friends in the military need help in locking down their Facebook account, then be sure to check out the post shown below:

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