Better Business Bureau: “Be Like Bill” Facebook Meme Generator Could Be A Privacy Risk

There’s no doubt you’ve already seen the “Be Like Bill” meme in your News Feed. It features a stick figure drawing with funny or cute phrases that are customized with a user’s name. It seems like another harmless meme, but the Better Business Bureau warns that it and other clickbait traps like it could be used to collect your personal info.

According to KFVS12, the company behind Be Like Bill had in its terms of privacy that it could use and edit the content of people who use the app. The company, Blobla, reached out to the news station to say they were removing that line from its terms, but the BBB still issued a warning to consumers.

“It’s critical to read the terms of any online agreement (including privacy statements) before clicking ‘I Agree’ or sharing personal information,” BBB national spokesperson Katherine Hutt told USA Today. “Many of these sites were created solely for the purpose of harvesting data for resale, and by simply playing a game or taking a quiz, you could be giving the app access to a tremendous amount of information about you, your friends, the things you like, the things you buy, and more.”

As always, it’s a good idea to be skeptical of any kind of free download on Facebook—especially ones that ask for your info.