Beware of the new “Who Deleted Me” Facebook App for iOS & Android

unfriendWe’ve all seen the fishy links shared on social media: “Download this link and see who’s unfriended you on Facebook!” While there are some browser extensions and other apps that provide this functionality, it’s one of the most common hoaxes on the site. Several weeks ago, an Android and iOS app called “Who Deleted Me” launched that can track everyone who unfriends you on the site after you download and install it.

The app, which has existed as a browser extension since 2009, only tallies your friend total after you install it, meaning it can’t give you a comprehensive list of everyone who has ever cut cyber-ties with you on Facebook. However, while the app might be a nifty way keep up with your friend total,  the app might be doing a little snooping of its own. According to MTV News, the app is not using Facebook’s API. That means it’s in violation of Facebook’s policies, it’s not secure, and it could do anything with the information you give it.

“All developers building apps that integrate with Facebook, requesting information about people, must use a Facebook API, which ensures that people maintain control over who is accessing their information,” a Facebook spokesperson said. “We take action against any app that violates our terms and policies.”

Always be wary when downloading third-party apps and extensions, and pay attention to the fine print when you download it. You never know what it might be doing with your data.