British Army Creates Battalion of “Facebook Warriors”

facebook-general-2Facebook has increasingly served as a valuable method for law enforcement to gather evidence and track criminals around the world. Conversely, it’s also proven to be a fruitful platform for terrorist organizations like ISIS to find new recruits. That’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Great Britain has found a military use for the social media giant by creating a battalion of so-called “Facebook warriors.”

The group will “wage complex and covert information and subversion campaigns” with tactics that include spreading false information, creating “false flag” incidents and using the site to monitor potential enemies. The team, which will allegedly begin operations in April, will go by the 77th battalion, named after a famous guerilla warfare unit in WWII.

In the digital age, every country needs to be cognizant of cyberterrorism threats. However, this British battalion marks one of the first times a country has been so open about their online intelligence methods. After a terrorist attack last year killed a British soldier, Prime Minister David Cameron blasted Facebook and other social media outlets for not doing enough to catch extremists who use the sites to share their beliefs or communicate with one another.