Brothers Jailed After Mocking Judge On Facebook For Their Suspended Sentence

Laughing and pointing emoticonSometimes, a criminal’s own worst enemy is himself. That was the case this week when two UK brothers were sent to jail for two years after mocking a judge on Facebook who had given them a two-year suspended sentence.

Daniel and Samuel Sledden received a two-year suspended sentence from judge Beverly Lunt after being caught dealing drugs. Most crooks would view this as the lucky break it is and keep their mouth shut, but not the Sleddens. The two brothers took to Facebook to mock the judge, taunting her with lewd phrases. However, their gloating came back to bite them in a big way: they were dragged back into court and slapped with a full two-year jail sentence.

“These were not private entries in a diary. They were placed on Facebook with the intention that others should and would read them and, if they wished, would share them,” judge Lunt said. “Their content is clearly indicative of how they really felt about appearing in court for this particular offense. Their tenor was boastful and jeering, and the only reasonable inference was they thought they had somehow fooled and misled the court.”

Let it be a lesson to crooks and average Facebook users alike: be careful what you post. You never know who might be reading.