Company Creates Self-Destructing Facebook Messages, Photos

padlock_blue_whiteDSTRUX, a New York-based company that offers self-destructing services for important business documents, has turned its attention to social media.

Facebook users can post content and images using DSTRUX as an intermediary, which will generate a public link for friends to visit. Images and messages can’t be printed, saved, copied or screen captured, and they are only available to view for a set amount of time before vanishing. Content can also be destroyed on command. Only Facebook users who also have DSTRUX can view DSTRUX-protected content, though the feature is free to download.

“Until now, anything shared on a social networking platform resides on the Internet forever in some way,” said DSTRUX CEO and founder Nathan Hecht. “It basically comes down to ownership. Do you own your content or does the social network? Up until today, the social network had exclusive rights to your files and the way they are archived online. DSTRUX lets the user maintain ownership of their content for as long as they want it to be viewed.”

DSTRUX isn’t the first independent app to protect users’ information on Facebook. With the social media giant’s increasingly aggressive quest to gather information, it also certainly won’t be the last.

Readers: Would you trust DSTRUX with your info?