Court: Woman Can Pursue Lawsuit Against Ex For Hacking Her Facebook

facebook iconA court in Manhattan ruled that a woman can proceed with a $350,000 lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend for breaking into her Facebook account and posting sexually explicit statements. The case was originally dismissed by a lower court judge who ruled that the statute of limitations had expired on the woman’s claims.

The alleged victim, Chantay Sewell, said she began dating Phil Bernardin while they both worked at a middle school in 2002.  They broke up nine years later, and in February 2012 she discovered that she could no longer access her Facebook account. She hired a lawyer to figure out why she was blocked, and found that rude, sexual posts had been written on her page and defamatory emails had been sent to her family and friends.

Though it hasn’t been proven that Bernardin is the one responsible for the hack, Sewell says that he had access to her home and computer and that he admitted to her that he did it in December 2013.

“I am aware that he is techno-savvy and is fully capable of hacking into my computer,” she said.

This ruling is undoubtedly a good thing for Facebook users. Even if you’ve been wronged on the site in the past, you may still be able to correct it in a court of law.