Creepy New App Lets You Stalk Facebook Friends On Tinder

 facebook-privacy-200The fact that you need to provide your Facebook account information upon registration is one of the creepiest and most invasive parts of popular dating app Tinder. Well, that creepy factor got bumped up even higher this week with the announcement of a new app called FriendSwipe that lets you stalk your Facebook friends on Tinder.

The app works by scanning your Facebook connections for registered Tinder users. Once you log in, the app shows you a list of friends who are on the app, lets you look at their profiles, and even lets you swipe left or right on them. The app also lets you spy on your Tinder-using friends of both genders, ensuring no one is safe from its prying eyes. Of course, these users also have no way of knowing that you’ve viewed their profiles, making it an even more foolproof way to get away with creeping.

Thankfully, there’s an easy way you can avoid being seen by FriendSwipe — sort of. It pulls user information with the new Tinder Social feature, so if you switch that off, your profile should be hidden. Also, the app may not exist for long; its usage of Tinder’s database violates the dating app’s terms of service, so it could essentially disappear at any time. Still, the mere fact that this app encourages you to spy on your Facebook friends is disturbing.