Cybersecurity Experts: Don’t Share Private Info On Facebook Messenger

Facebook is still dealing with the repercussions from a bombshell report in The New York Times this week that revealed the company regularly shares users’ private messages with tech companies like Spotify, Netflix and more. Now, prominent cybersecurity experts are warning users to watch what they share with friends and family over Facebook Messenger.

According to experts, the kind of content users share in their messages is more likely to be sensitive than the information they share in their profiles. And since Facebook has been able to make billions of dollars trading on users’ data, its unwise to trust the company to stop at our messages.

“You shouldn’t trust Facebook as a whole, and by extension, Facebook Messenger,” cybersecurity expert Matt Moynahan told CBS News. “It’s naive to assume that if Facebook is exploiting any part of our personal data that personal messages would be excluded.”

That’s why another expert, Colin Bastable, said he “would not trust Facebook with any of my information in a million years.” If Facebook’s privacy practices cause those who make a living analyzing online security risks feel that way, regular users should be more than a little concerned.