Dallas Man Busts Himself For Drugs On Facebook Live

facebook_blackbg_logoIt started as a simple traffic stop, but after 24-year-old Dallas man Dominique Desha Green live streamed his encounter with Dallas police on Facebook Live, he ended up getting hit with 11 charges — including drug possession — based off his own video.

Green was originally pulled over for failing to wear a seat belt and failing to use his turn signal, though he quickly became belligerent with police officers, claiming that “They’re just [expletive] with me because I’m young, black … and on the wrong side of the neighborhood.” He began to live stream his encounter, feeling that he was suffering unfair treatment, and told officers that he refused to speak with them.

Despite insisting throughout the video that he had not committed a crime, Green knocked the camera out of focus at one point during the stream and, according to police, stashed cocaine in the door of his car.

“I’m glad I didn’t get out of the car. I got a pocket full of all kind of [expletive],” he said. Using the video, police charged Green with drug possession, harassment of a public servant, resisting arrest, and more. It’s probably safe to say Green wishes he’d just accepted the simple traffic charges in the first place — and had never broadcast his actions live on Facebook.