Electronic Frontier Foundation: Make All Of Your Past Posts Ever Private

Privacy symbol with digital globe, 3d renderThere is an easy, one-click way to improve your Facebook privacy that many users don’t know about, according to a new video tutorial from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

This simple setting allows you to change the privacy settings on every piece of content you’ve ever posted simultaneously, from “public” or “friends of friends” to “friends only.” As the EFF’s Gennie Gebhart writes, there are many valid reasons why someone could have regrets about how they used to handle their Facebook privacy — and why they might want to change it now.

“Getting a new job, recovering from an abusive relationship, engaging in new kinds of activism, moving to a different country—these are all examples of reasons one might decide to start using Facebook in a more private way,” Gebhart wrote in her tutorial. “While it is relatively straightforward to change your social media use moving forward, it can be more complicated to adjust… your profile in the past.”

Thankfully, the solution is easy. Simply click on “Settings” in the right-hand corner, then “Privacy” in the left-hand bar. From there, click on “who can see my stuff?” and then hit the button that says “limit past posts.” Facebook will generate a pop-up message warning you that this action can’t be easily undone, but once you click it, all of your posts — ever — will be instantly secured. Pretty good deal, huh?