Encrypted Social Network Launches To Take On Facebook

Privacy symbol with digital globe, 3d renderA new social network has launched that promises to offer more security, privacy and transparency than Facebook by encrypting user information. The site, Minds.com, aims to protect users from both advertisers and the government.

Minds works like any other social network, with users sharing content with their friends, leaving comments and making connections. However, the site rewards users for interacting with posts with a point system that promotes the content of active users. It aims to provide an easier-to-understand algorithm than the one Facebook uses to determine what content you see.

The site is also entirely open source, meaning any user can contribute to its design and function. The infamous hacker group Anonymous has already rallied behind it and encouraged people to work together and build a site “of the people, by the people and for the people.”

“Our stance is the users deserve the control of social media in every sense,” Minds.com founder Bill Ottman said of the site’s free and open nature.

Though the site can’t realistically hope to put a dent in Facebook’s massive user base, Ottman said that it attracted 60 million page views before its formal launch. It may never be a popular mainstream social media network, but thankfully more alternatives like it are starting to exist for people concerned with their Facebook privacy.