Expert Warns Against Trusting Facebook With Our Data

Facebook is, without question, the world’s largest social media platform. With over 2 billion active users around the globe, the company possesses a truly unprecedented amount of humanity’s personal data. And according to one expert, that could pose a problem in ways we can’t even imagine yet.

Jeramie D. Scott, a cybersecurity and privacy expert at the Electronic Information Privacy Center (EPIC), wrote an op-ed this week warning against all the ways our information could be exploited by Facebook. From creepy facial recognition technology to government surveillance and a chilling effect on free speech, there are innumerable consequences to handing so much data to Facebook. Scott said that on our current path, we are “passively accepting” a surveillance state, and even sacrificing our own liberty.

“We cannot be dependent on Facebook’s benevolence for protection in a world where so much of our daily activities are codified into data and collected by third parties,” Scott wrote. “Indeed, we should be skeptical of Facebook’s own efforts to use artificial intelligence to monitor user data for what it deems dangerous content.”

Unfortunately, while all of Scott’s points may be true, it will likely be impossible to reverse course. Facebook already has all of our private info, and there’s no going back from that.