Facebook’s Quarterly Earnings Report Puts A Price On Every Facebook User

Facebook and U.S. DollarFacebook released its quarterly earnings report this week, and as usual, it was full of interesting (and often scary) nuggets. For instance, the social media giant breaks out its annual revenue per user worldwide, dividing that information by region and country. So we know that Facebook values each user in the United States and Canada at $15.65 each per quarter, or about $62 annually.

That’s not a lot of money, but it’s even less around the world. European users are only valued at $18.88 per year, while users in the Asia-Pacific region are valued at $7.56. Most depressingly, users in the rest of the world are only valued at $4.84. Worldwide, the average is only $16.04 per Facebook user. And make no mistake, the site has a lot of users: the same quarterly report revealed that more than half of the world’s Internet users have Facebook. That’s 1.79 billion active Facebook users who access the site every month – 16% more than this time last year.

With figures like these, there’s no doubt that Facebook is big business. Unfortunately for privacy-concerned users (or for people that don’t like having a small monetary value assigned to their worth), Facebook’s business is our data.