Facebook “Couple” Pages Cannot Be Removed

Are you in a relationship that is Facebook official? If so, Facebook has made a digital shrine to your relationship, and you may not even know it. Facebook recently launched a new feature, Facebook.com/us, that gathers posts, events and photos that you and your significant other have been tagged in. Facebook Friendship Pages, which have existed for two years, have a similar concept, though the couple factor is creeping some users out.

“You cannot deactivate the pages, but you can control what you share on Facebook using the privacy settings for each post,” Facebook’s Jessie Baker told CNN. “The friendship page respects the privacy setting of each post. This means the person viewing the friendship page may see each post elsewhere on Facebook, like on either friend’s timeline or in the news feed. You can curate your friendship page by hiding stories you do not want to appear.”

Yes, that’s right: you and your beau are stuck together out in cyberspace. Time and again, Facebook introduces features that it seems to think are helpful but are, in fact, quite the opposite. This is one of those useless features. At this point, it just feels like the social media giant is needlessly antagonizing its users. Why create this page automatically? What is the benefit of that? There you have it, folks: an unasked-for digital snapshot of you and your other half’s relationship, courtesy of Facebook.

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