Facebook “Unsend” Feature Will Give You 10 Minutes To Delete Message

Facebook has promised users the ability to delete their sent messages for almost a year. And according to release notes for the latest version of the Facebook Messenger app, the feature is finally on its way. But this helpful bit of privacy control only came about in the first place because Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg got caught using it all for himself.

The controversy began last April, when TechCrunch revealed that Zuckerberg and other Facebook executives had been deleting their messages from other people’s inboxes without telling the public. After this was revealed, Facebook promised it would soon roll out the tool for all users. However, months passed without any new developments, and critics began to question whether or not it would ever arrive at all. But, with the discovery of the latest app update, the feature seems to be closer than ever to reality.

There’s only one catch: Facebook users will only get a 10-minute window to recall messages that they’ve sent. That’s not equivalent to the power Facebook’s executives had before the tool was discovered, but it is something. However, for users who are truly concerned about their privacy, it might be a better idea to use Messenger’s “Secret Conversations” encryption feature—or maybe to chat on a different platform altogether.