Facebook Announces Privacy and Sharing Improvements

facebook_logoFacebook announced some very welcome changes that will make it easier to share content with exactly the people you want to share it with. The biggest change is placing the controls and settings inline right next to the posts, photos, etc. You will no longer have to go digging through privacy or account settings to configure your sharing options.

The changes will be coming soon and are organized around what shows up on your profile and what happens when you share something.

Content on your profile will have an icon and a drop-down menu beside it. This menu will let you see who can view this part of your profile and you can easily edit the setting without leaving the page.

Now, here is the biggie – PROFILE TAG REVIEW! Scammers worldwide are no doubt moaning and groaning about this new feature. Privacy advocates and anti-scam crusaders have been begging and screaming for Facebook to allow users to approve photos they are tagged in. Finally, our voices have been heard, and you will be able to approve or reject any photos or posts you are tagged in prior to them making it to your News Feed!

Along the same lines, you will have control over content that you have been tagged in. Previously, anyone who could see your photos, posts, etc. could add tags. When the new controls are in place, you will be able to approve or reject any new tags someone tries to add.

Coming Soon: New Profile Controls

Along with the profile changes, you will have better functionality and controls over items you share on Facebook. It will be clearer to see who can see what you post at the time of the posting, and adjusting the settings will be similar to the inline profile settings mentioned above.

Coming Soon: Changes to How Sharing Works

For more detailed information about these and other changes on the horizon, read about them in Facebook’s blog post. https://blog.facebook.com/blog.php?post=10150251867797131

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