Facebook Appears To End Ticker Feed That Tracked Your Friends’ Activity

Facebook is constantly tweaking its interface to encourage more user interaction, and it seems like the “Ticker” feed is just the site’s latest casualty. The Ticker, which appeared to the right of your News Feed, was the steady stream of updates that creepily detailed in real time what your friends were doing on the platform.

The company hasn’t explained why it suddenly axed the feature, but a verified Facebook employee did comment in the site’s Help Community that “this feature is no longer available.”

In Facebook’s early days, all posts appeared in chronological order. Then, in 2011, content began to appear in users’ News Feeds based on an algorithm that attempted to determine what users would be most interested in. However, the site wanted to have its cake and eat it too. That’s why it introduced the Ticker feed to run alongside the News Feed so users could still see content in chronological order if they wished. Now, that no longer seems to be an option.

But for users concerned with their privacy on the site, this change will undoubtedly be a relief. No longer will your friends be able to see every little thing you do on the platform in real time. Not that anyone was watching what apps you downloaded and games you played, but now it isn’t even possible — and that’s a good thing.